Montag, 11. Juli 2011


It´s been a while.. sometimes you can update this every day, sometimes you´re too lazy even to log in. Well we´ve been busi (and still are) with writing new songs for a full length record. So thats the plan for the next weeks/months beside playing shows.

Talking about shows.. last friday we´ve been invited last minute to ´Radau am Stau´ Festival 2011 in Schmölln/Brandruebel [Germany]. For sure we jumped in and it was hilarious to play with all these raggae bands. Imagine a green muddy field (bummer for the sneakers - duh!), people having fun bathing in the mud, bikini girls sitting on the straw ("Warum liegt´n da eigentlich Stroh?"), Ganja in the air & us playing our shit. Our favourite non-sneakerhead and guitarist HOT-TE gave a high five to the idea of him entering the main stage and telling the people that they have support us in the tent. Well.. balls deep.
Another plus of that evening is that the softdrinks we´ve got out of the freezer will last for another 2 weeks. Thanks! Saturday we had a birthday party show. People seemed to be into us. We like it that way.

Since Hard & Spicy Festival won´t take place anymore our next show will be on August 4th in Berlin with Strife, Strung Out and last but not least our brothers in Coldburn. We´re soo badly looking forward for this show.. do you?